IaaC global school self(a)rchitecture – Summer workshop – Turin July 2011

Summer School

Alessio Erioli, Andrea Graziano + Cesare Griffa+ Davide Gomba
Torino – 45°03´N 007°40´E
IAAC (Barcelona) is organizing a workshop in Turin (with the collaboration of the Politecnico di Torino) within its IAAC global summerschool selfrchitecture program.
Local tutors will be: Cesare Griffa, Davide Gomba, Alessio Erioli, Andrea Graziano
It’s a 2 weeks intensive program, from (13 to 28 july 2011) during which we will be thinking architecture in terms of: sustainable life systems, energy consumption, parametric design, software coding, hardware hacking, fabbing, and much more…

for more info: go to this page and click here to download full program (pdf)
APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN: click here to apply!

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