digital tools as strategies for architectural design

Digital tools as strategies for architetctural design is a workshop I recently held in AIU - Arab International University in Damascus, together with Aref Maksoud.

The workshop is an exploration about different ways to generate architectural outcomes through the translation of information-based and information-driven morphogenetic processes via digital tools.

The students, working in groups, should create an architectural skin (an enveloping system with structural capacity, able to generate space and mediate environmental conditions via information processing) based on morphogenetic strategies, conditions and information extracted and translated from their investigations and experimentations.

Students are asked to design an architectural piece which primary function is light treatment, but also spatially able to choreograph human movement in terms of fluxes, play and effects, altering an existing place within the AIU (whether inside the building or outside in the garden). The focus of the project is on how light manipulation (how to treat it, how to play with it, how intense/intricate/dimmed/choreographic/theatrical/etc. they want it to be) in a spatial artifact can affect the perception and use of a known space.

The main objective is to extract the information from the research as an input in order to generate a new 3D spatial output, communicating the design process through the digital skills taught during the workshop.

For further info and check all the final projects go here: http://ditsad.wordpress.com/

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